Friday, October 12, 2012

New Things

New things are scary.
New cities, new jobs, meeting new people, and so on.
Facing fear is exhilarating as well as rewarding, regardless of the outcome. From doing so we gain new experiences, a deeper understanding of our inner selves, and hopefully, things turned out for the best. Even when they didn’t, at some point, hopefully we can look back and say “It’s a good thing [that situation] didn’t work out because [this other thing] was able to happen instead.”
On that serious note,  here I am facing one (though probably more!) of my own personal fears: With this post, I have officially joined the world of The Blog! *cue intense scary music please!*
More than that, though, is that I’m finally taking the first steps to living my dreams. No more making excuses. The time is now!
Armed with a smile and hope, I’m taking the very first step on the long, lush road of  my future. I hope to meet many kindred spirits on the way. It’s an adventure and I’m really excited!

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